Beverly Brown Artist

Welcome to the dreamy world of artist, Beverly Brown.

  • A luminous watercolor fashion illustration of a woman in a ruffled mauve evening dress on a green background.
  • A loose, fresh watercolor illustration of a vintage bottle of Mitsouko perfume.
  • A watercolor painting of a sun dappled tree lined walkway through the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park, New York City.
  • A watercolor painting of clouds floating in a blue sky.
  • A watercolor fashion illustration of a pair of vintage 1960s Roger Vivier black shoes on a green background.
  • Watercolor shoe illustration of a black evening shoe against a purple background.
  • A watercolor illustration of a woman wearing a striped black and white leotard, black tights and blue shoes.
  • A loose, impressionist style watercolor painting of a reclining nude woman in shades of magenta, yellow-green and orange.
  • Stock illustration of the Eiffel Tower (watercolor illustration). A classic Parisian scene of the Eiffel Tower in the Champs de Mars park, Paris, France.
  • A watercolor fashion illustration of a woman with her hair in a bun, wearing a retro-style black and grey dress, holding a coat.
  • A colorful, impressionist style watercolor painting of a vase of zinnias.
  • A loose, impressionist watercolor autumn scene of a woman walking through a park among fall leaves.
  • A fresh, vibrant watercolor fashion illustration inspired by a black wool suit designed by Cristobal Balenciaga in 1951.
  • An impressionist watercolor painting of the New York skyline at sunset, including the Empire State Building and the East River - in shades of pink, yellow and blue.
  • NY Fashion Week Spring 2012 ipad sketch - Zac Posen
  • An impressionist watercolor cityscape painting of New York City:  the electronic billboards of Times Square illuminate the street at night.
  • Abstract Watercolor Painting - Blue, Yellow, Green Starburst Pattern
  • A loose, impressionistic watercolor painting of New York City at night:  the Empire State Building illuminated in shades of black and coral.
  • An impressionist style watercolor painting of New York City:  people walking through the Main Waiting Room at Grand Central Station, the main railway station in NYC.
  • A watercolor fashion illustration inspired by the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met Museum in 2011.  A gown made of red and black ostrich feathers and glass medical slides painted red, from the VOSS collection, spring/summer 2001.
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